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Edmonton Street Performers Festival      
Full festival assets! Season image, site signage, posters, billboards and even some animated ads produced in AfterEffects.

︎︎︎ Some very goofy imagery and festival assets for Edmonton Street Performers Festival’s triumphant return to in-person programming in Churchill Square in Edmonton, Canada!

As the festival was in collaboration with the Works Art + Design festival this season, I turned the joke into the art.

A spray can spraying out all the comedy and laughs and juggling pins was just the perfect thing - if you look close, there’s some easter eggs right on the can.

Bold and playful typography in the festival’s primary colours keeps the mood upbeat and offbeat.

The project included site signage, posters, billboards, social media assets, and several animated ads produced in AfterEffects.

A ton of fun was had working on this with the amazingly funny Marian Brant and Liz Hobbes, who had some excellently off the wall ideas during the whole process! 100% archival, dontcha know.

*bonus: check out the original concept sketch and see the beginning of it all!

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