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Sundays are for ceramics

The joys (and pains) of ceramics are endless. I love making them, so much so that I have a kiln in my basement. My runaway ceramics practice is made mostly on Sundays. The ceramic pieces are often integrated with climbing rope, with which I’m completely obsessed with and have a serious collection of in my studio. I love the mishima technique as it allows me to introduce drawing to clay. I am still learning to make glazes, and I’m getting used to praying to the kiln gods. Wheel throwing continues to humble me. Lustres are neat. Apparently you can pigment clay? Ceramicists know: this will all take a lifetime to figure out.

*Some pieces pictured here were made at the Banff Centre in 2018 as part of a visual art residency, where I discovered ceramics purely by accident.

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