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︎︎︎A selection of graphic design pieces
Posters, album covers, packaging, logos, etc.

Glass Bookshop
Identity + Kickstarter Merch + Miscellany

A dreamy look and feel of a brand plus kickstarter merch for Glass Bookshop. Part bookstore and part community space focussed on celebrating writing by BIPOC and queer folks, and the indie presses.

Broadsheet + Festival Program Guide
Print Design

An experimental film festival program guide that is intentionally made to unfold into a keepsake broadsheet poster. Offset printed and featuring good ol’ neon Pantone 811C. Word has it this piece is still up in some indie cinema offices. Hope that neon isn’t fading too badly....!

The 3AM Subtext
Poster Design

Main image, full size poster and program design for a theatre play by Matthew Stepanic.
Ink, pencil and digital interventions in Photoshop.

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