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Client: Alberta Treasury Branches

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Alberta Treasury Branches Glenora Map

➝ ATB got in touch to have me design and illustrate a three-panel, 10-metre long geographically accurate map of the Glenora neighbourhood in Edmonton.

With the aim of being a focal point of the branch, the map was digitally designed and digitally printed as a backdrop to the tellers desks, and all the neighbourhood could pick out their favourite landmarks on the map. A lot of historical and geographic research went into this one.
This piece led me to riding my bike around the Glenora neighbourhood in Edmonton, which is full of beautiful houses and landmarks. Using this photo reference, I illustrated an accurate map for the new ATB branch built in the Westblock building.
16 unique icons, 5 historical images from the City of Edmonton Archives, and 10 metres of wall space.

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