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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Client: Edmonton Arts Council / City of Edmonton

Installed October 2019
Neon Sky Public Art Mural

14 metres x 12.5 metres

This mural is based on my personal drawing project, Neon Prairie, and expanded to fit a 40-foot tall wall above an interior swimming pool. Commissioned by the Edmonton Arts Council for the Jasper Place Leisure Centre in Edmonton, AB. 

➝ At some point I wanted my drawings to go big or go home. As they say: careful what you wish for, as a 14-metre wide, 12-metre high mural commission may appear. It will take three years to happen. You will mix gallons of custom paint colours by hand from base colours. Your colleague Jennifer Konanz will sweat it out with you high up on the scaffolding above a drained pool for an entire month getting it done. It will be a wild time, I promise.

My drawings are based in nature, and The Neon Sky is a brightly patterned modern drawing of a prairie skyscape. I am inspired by the daily interactions with nature Edmontonians are afforded, but I also know too well how we are often are forced inside due to our winter weather. In treating the pool as a year-round “lake” and recreation area, the thing we are missing to feel like we are outdoors is the sky. I imagine swimmers emerging from the water and having a moment where they are transported to the expansive outdoors, to the sunsets and big skies of summer by looking at this piece.

A swimmer myself, I also think of the effervescence of being under water, of the feeling of floating by, stroke by stroke - there is an airiness to the mural. The joy of abstract shapes is that any viewer can see anything in them, and hopefully the shapes reflect back something of themselves.

Process videos are saved in my instagram stories, and here you will find a selection of documentation.

Thank you to the Edmonton Arts Council for the commission, and to the City of Edmonton.

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