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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Midnigh Dispatch Public Art Piece

LEWIS FARMS FIRE HALL • Edmonton. Canada

Dipping an entire building in pattern is an opportunity worth taking on - just sayin’. Commission by the Edmonton Arts Council to design a pattern for the exterior concrete cladding of the Lewis Farms Fire Hall. There is a nice writeup about the piece on their blog.

Much of my inspiration for the final piece was thinking about the Northern Lights and starry skies on a crisp, clear Alberta night. Maybe you’re standing in your backyard and you’re just in awe of what you see above you - you’ve forgotten about the chill for a moment. And it’s a very common experience that many take for granted - not many people in Canada, let alone the world, live at the latitude to see Northern Lights regularly. I think as Albertans we live for those moments.

Aesthetic considerations aside, the design had to have manufacturing considerations tightly in mind as it needed to translate into a casting mold, and be stamped into the concrete panels forming the exterior cladding of a large portion of Lewis Farms Fire Hall building.

Working in-depth with the architectural design team on the building project, I created this design through a collaborative process that included concept presentations to the architecture team and further refinements from those conversations. Being a designer-artist hybrid made this back and forth process very comfortable.

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