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Vintage pysanky patterns

My absolute favourite eastern-european craft tradition has to be pysanky. Technically not a Polish thing, these are a Ukrainian tradition but it pretty much spills over to any vodka-drinking, potato-eating nation which shared common oppressors over the centuries. There’s a lovely older couple selling meticulously decorated, multi-colour pysanky at the Edmonton Strathcona Market every year around this time. I have to tell you, I cannot resist picking up an egg every year. The patterns are bang on - so geometric but so colourful and full of life at the same time. Want more? Feast your eyes upon a small collection of vintage pattern ideas over at the formidable Present and Correct. Hearts!

Posted by Vikki on March 14th at 12:42pm

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Sign Language

Marc Shur has been taking pictures of signs. You know the ones. The ones they don’t really make anymore, that age gracefully on top of hotels, on the sides of buildings, and in the roadside parking lot of that particularly quaint motel. I’m a sucker for these signs too, whenever I travel they are the subject of many of the photos I come home with. So head on over to the Sign Language flickr set and do some armchair design travelling already. [via DWL]

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Helsinki WDC 2012 + Marimekko

So we’re heading over to Europe in May this year, which is super exciting. It’s been 5 years since I was there last -  Jim is super excited to put his new-to-him Kiev camera through its paces and I’m super excited to just absorb…EVERYTHING. I’m Polish, so stops in Krakow as well as to visit family in Gdansk and Poznan are on the list, but we’ve also managed to squeeze Berlin in there (obvs), and Helsinki. Helsinki! Home of Marimekko! And Hel Looks! Flea markets! And…saunas!

It just so happens we’ve chosen a good year to visit Helsinki - it is the 2012 World Design Capital. There is a giant design district one can tour as well as a roster of international and Helsinki-based events. I’m looking forward to it, and lookie here, Marimekko has created a map of their designer’s favourite places. Worth the look…and the plane ticket!

Oh, and any travel tips are muchly .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). :)

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Child’s Own toys

O-M-G! Aren’t these the most delightful? Wendy Tsao of Child’s Own in Vancouver will take a drawing your child has made a covert it into a plush toy! I pretty much can’t stop grinning. I love kid’s drawings and this is just the ultimate next step - I mean, how much fun do you think Wendy has working on these every day? Even more grinning to be had if you check out pictures here on Wendy’s flickr.

Posted by Vikki on February 13th at 12:26pm